Sometimes, meditation, ceremony, and other spiritual practices are not sufficient for us to have the kind of direct and powerful experience of the sacred we need for a breakthrough in our path, and it can be helpful to work with psychoactive plants and compounds.

This is a tricky subject to approach because we have been taught to think about psychoactive plants and compounds as “drugs” rather than as sacraments and medicines, and so we tend to view them in a negative light — as dangerous, addictive, and escapist, and that the experience somehow isn’t real or valid.

However, this view is only a fairly recent historical development of the last century or two; in fact, for the vast majority of history, humans have been working with psychoactive plant spirit teachers in a respectful, safe, and sacred way.

Unfortunately, most of us do not have access to shamans from indigenous cultures who can initiate us into these traditions. In the absence of such guidance, many people take psychoactive plants and compounds without adequate knowledge, preparation, safety, and sanctity; their experience can be superficial or confusing or even terrifying; and they are often unable to process their experience, understand it, and integrate it into their lives.

I will work with you to identify which psychoactive plants and compounds are best suited for you, teach you about them, prepare you for working with them, show you how to create a safe and sacred space to take them in, guide you through the experience, and work with you to process and integrate the experience afterward. Some of the plants and compounds I have experience working with include:


I should mention that cannabis is a special case, in that many people regularly consume cannabis to get high, but do not approach it in a conscious and sacred way. I can teach you how to work with cannabis in this way as part of your spiritual and ceremonial practice.