Robin Sylvan

Ph.D. , is a spiritual explorer, practitioner, and guide; religious studies scholar, teacher, and author; singer, songwriter, guitarist, and music aficionado.

He has maintained ongoing meditation, ceremonial, and other spiritual practices for over forty years, including working with psychoactive plants and compounds. He has a strong background both in mainstream academia and in alternative experiential education, and has taught in colleges and universities as well as workshop and retreat centers.

He has written two books,

Traces Of The Spirit

Trance Formation

… and conducted a study with a grant from the Templeton Advanced Research Project on

Music, Trance,
Religious Experience,
And The Human Brain.

He has been in a couple of bands, continues to write songs with a spiritual orientation, and has been involved in the electronic dance music scene for over twenty years. His travels have taken him to numerous sacred sites in the US, Mexico, Israel, Europe, West Africa, Peru, Nepal, India, and New Zealand. He lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with his partner and wife, Tracy James.