Music is an incredibly powerful phenomenon that touches us in profound ways. Music is more than simply a form of art or entertainment — it is an important source of spirituality and a potent way to connect to the sacred.

For as long as we’ve been human, and in nearly every culture around the world, music has been one of the most universal and effective tools for inducing religious experience.

In fact, you don’t even have to participate in a formal religious ceremony to have a religious experience with music — many people are having such experiences at rock concerts, out on dance floors, singing or playing an instrument, or even just listening to music at home. As the renowned ethnomusicologist David McAllester said of music:

“It is an actualization of the mystical experience for everybody. We are not all practicing mystics and most of us do not experience God easily. But when we hear music, something like that is happening to us.”

For myself personally, not only do I listen to a lot of music and have these kinds of experiences in my daily life, I also incorporate music into my spiritual path, whether it be singing and playing a song on guitar after meditation each morning, dancing for 30 minutes to electronic dance music each afternoon, or using drumming and chanting to pray in ceremony. Through classes and coaching, I can help you discover and develop your own path with music as religious experience.