As a longtime aficionado of EDM (electronic dance music) and the rave scene, and someone who has had numerous peak experiences on the dance floor, I deeply appreciate the artistic creativity and transformational power of a great DJ mix. Over the years, I have tried my hand at making mixes myself, mostly for my own enjoyment — to dance to, to listen to, and as a form of creative expression.

I make two kinds of mixes — dance mixes and chillout mixes. I create my dance mixes for my half-hour daily dance practice, so they are about that long (which is much shorter than the amount of time of a normal DJ set). I generally increase the BPM (beats per minute) as the mix proceeds, so that the energy builds over time. There are two styles of EDM I most enjoy dancing to — progressive breaks and progressive house — which both feature uplifting melodies, harmonies, and textures. Progressive house has a straight four-to-the-floor beat, while progressive breaks is based on breakbeats, a more syncopated rhythm.

My chillout mixes are made for chilling out, so I listen to them after doing my dance practice, when I want to calm things down, or first thing in the morning, when I want to hear something more relaxed and easy, or late at night for the same reasons. These mixes are generally around eighty minutes, the length of a CD. The BPM follows a wave form — starting slow, gradually increasing for the first half, and then gradually slowing down for the second half. Unlike my dance mixes, they can include a wide range of styles.

Click on the SoundCloud icon to go to my SoundCloud page, where you can find many of these mixes. Enjoy!