The coronavirus pandemic has completely changed our world and virtually every aspect of our daily lives. Yet, while it is obviously a devastating global catastrophe of historic proportions, and the cause of enormous fear, anxiety, suffering, and death, at the same time, it also an incredible opportunity for positive transformation on an unprecedented scale.

In shutting down most of our regular activities, it has not only forced us as individuals to confront difficult and uncomfortable parts of ourselves, but it has also forced us as a larger culture to confront difficult and uncomfortable systemic problems in our social, economic, and political structures.

The pandemic has been a shock to the system, disrupting our normal patterns, shifting the ground beneath our feet, revealing things we’ve long regarded as the permanent order to actually be ripe for major change. In this time of great crisis and instability, when we come face to face with our own mortality and the ephemeral nature of our existence, when we no longer have the usual routines that provide structure in our lives, and the usual distractions, it is only natural for us to be drawn to the spiritual dimension for some sense of solace, meaning, grounding, and depth.

It is my hope that, through this website, I can provide resources to help you navigate this new post-pandemic landscape, and develop a spiritual path that can guide you through to a good place in these challenging times.