Throughout history, and in every culture around the world, ceremony has been a central activity of religion. Ceremonial practice is more than just window dressing and perfunctory routine, it is actually a sophisticated spiritual technology that helps us connect with the sacred in a powerful, safe, and focused way.

While we are most familiar with ceremonies that take place in traditional religious settings, many of us are now creating our own ceremonial practices that more accurately express and reflect our own unique connection to the sacred.

Although ceremonies can differ widely, they all have key components, activities, and sequences that are essential building blocks for creating effective ceremonial practice. For example, a key component of many ceremonies is some kind of purification, which could take the form of burning sage or a ritual bath or simply clearing the mind. Another very common key component is the use of altars. As far as key activities, there Is a wide variety to choose from, including:


…to name just a few. And in terms of a sequence, the general trajectory I like to use in my ceremonies begins with creating a safe and sacred container. The heart of the ceremony involves some activity that builds the energy to a high level. Next, that energy is applied and dedicated to a specific intention. And finally, the ceremony is closed in a way that helps facilitate a smooth transition back to normal life.

I will work with you to learn the basic structures and skills of ceremonial practice, and how to put them together in a sequence that best helps vou connect with the sacred in your own unique way.