For the vast majority of human history, most people only knew one form of religion and spirituality — the one they were born into and in which they were raised.

But in this digital age of global interconnectedness, we find ourselves in an unprecedented situation where an enormous variety of religious and spiritual traditions from all over the world are now available for us to explore. This includes western traditions, eastern traditions, indigenous traditions, and contemporary religious/ spiritual systems, as well as new forms of spirituality emerging within popular culture.

While this is an exciting development that puts a bigger and more powerful array of tools at our disposal, it also presents a new set of challenges in trying to figure out not only which traditions and practices are right for each of us, but perhaps more importantly, how they can work together to form a coherent whole rather than just being a confusing hodgepodge. In addition, every person has their own unique upbringing, lifestyle, worldview, experiences, and strengths and weaknesses, and their spiritual path should take into account all of these variables.

Each person is different and, accordingly , I will work with you to set up the multi-dimensional spiritual path best suited to the specific dynamics of your situation.